Posted by Peggy H. Kaufman, CERS Director
The Infant-Parent Training Institute (IPTI) is excited to announce our new partnership between the JF&CS Center for Early Relationship Support® and the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (BPSI). BPSI provides high-level post-graduate training and education in psychoanalytic therapy and psychoanalysis and sponsors multidisciplinary programs to foster the development of highly specialized, trained, and compassionate practitioners and teachers of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the community, as well as programs of interest and service to the broader community. Through our new community partner relationship, CERS and BPSI intend to build connections between psychoanalysis and other disciplines that support the needs of new parents and their infants and young children.

It is our hope that this partnership will offer enriching opportunities for both organizations, their members and trainees, including:
  • A "two-way street" in terms of educational/training programs. BPSI trainees and graduate members may want to pursue training in parent-infant work at CERS, and CERS/IPTI trainees may want to pursue psychotherapy training or psychoanalytic training.
  • A section of Infant Observation offered at BPSI starting in the Fall of 2019. The teaching of Infant Observation (IO) is an integral part of the IPTI Infant Mental Health Fellowship. Infant Observation is taught in relatively few institutes in the United States, and IPTI is the only site in New England offering the course.
  • Increased visibility of CERS and BPSI programming via the websites of each organization.
  • Volunteering opportunities for BPSI members across a variety of CERS programs.
  • Increased opportunities for BPSI members who are interested in research to partner or receive mentoring to look at outcomes of different CERS interventions.

The ties between CERS and BPSI go back to three of BPSI's founding faculty members, Sarah Birss, Ann Epstein, and the late Judith Arons. Sarah Birss continues to teach IPTI's Infant Observation course, and Ann Epstein is faculty in the IPTI Fellowship.

We look forward to sharing more opportunities resulting from this partnership in the coming months and years.

To learn more about all of our home and community-based services for parents and infants, visit our Center for Early Relationship Support® page.