Early Connections®/Conexiones Tempranas (EC/CT) clinicians help parents and their young children find their way to stronger, healthier relationships.

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EC/CT provides therapeutic interventions focused on supporting the relationships of young children and their parents. EC/CT clinicians are trained in perinatal and early childhood mental health and offer treatment in the home or office with a goal of fostering nurturing and resilient parent-child relationships.

EC/CT offers:

Referrals to EC/CT

Mothers and young children are referred to Early Connections/Conexiones Tempranas for a variety of reasons: a new mother may be confronting the challenges of an unresolved history of loss; a baby may be particularly difficult to soothe; or a couple may be coping with significant stress or overwhelming life events even as they begin their parenting journey.

Whatever the origin, the result is a parent-child relationship in distress. EC/CT’s focus on the developing parent-child relationship is supported by significant research showing that babies need safe, secure relationships to build a solid foundation for future learning and social-emotional well-being.

EC/CT services are provided free of charge or on a sliding fee scale.

To make a referral or for more information, contact our CERS Intake line: call 781-693-1200 or email CERSintake@jfcsboston.org.

For referrals of Spanish-speaking clients, please contact Karen Garber, LICSW at kgarber@jfcsboston.org or 781-693-5048.