The JF&CS Leadership Giving Societies recognize engaged donors and their deep connection to our mission and impact.

For over 150 years, JF&CS has provided essential services that help individuals and families successfully navigate life’s transitions and overcome challenges. This vital work is made possible through the generosity of an expanding community of donors who provide us with ongoing annual support.

There are five distinct Leadership Giving Society membership levels based on cumulative giving during each JF&CS fiscal year — their names evoke our values as an agency and reflect our shared commitment to Jewish traditions.

Recognizing Your Commitment to Our Impact:

The Kavod (Respect) Society recognizes donors who allow us to invest deeply in our programs and significantly expand their impact. For instance, a gift of $25,000 provides a full year of comprehensive peer support for six mothers in recovery from substance use disorder.

Chairs: Karen and David Rosenberg

The Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) Society recognizes donors who strengthen our ability to offer inclusive, accessible programming. For instance, a gift of $10,000 supports a full year of gas and maintenance for client outings in our accessible vans.

Chairs: Lori and Jonathan Shaer

The Chessed (Loving Kindness) Society recognizes donors who help us create and maintain meaningful connections for clients at all stages of life. For instance, a gift of $5,000 provides supportive home care for two Holocaust survivors for a month.

Chairs: Kimberly and Gary Creem

The Tzedakah (Justice) Society recognizes donors who help us provide advocacy for clients navigating complex challenges and systems. For instance, a gift of $2,500 helps ten families advocate for special education services.

Chairs: Shirley and Eric Paley

The Chaverim (Friends) Society recognizes donors who help us meet the basic needs of the individuals and families we serve. For instance, a gift of $1,000 provides nutritious groceries for one family for an entire year.

To learn more about the JF&CS Leadership Giving Societies, or to explore other ways you can help us provide exceptional human services guided by Jewish traditions, please contact Jill Snider, Director of Donor Engagement, at 781-693-5059 or