TeenSafe workshops are facilitated by teens who have been trained in topics related to healthy relationships and teen dating abuse.

Who We Serve

Our Approach

Experienced educators partner with TeenSafe peer leaders (trained high school students) to develop fun, engaging, peer-to-peer workshops that examine healthy, unhealthy, controlling, and/or abusive behaviors in dating relationships. Workshops teach participants to identify these behaviors and develop skills to respond and get help. The program is flexible, interactive, and geared to the age and needs of the participants.

We understand that almost any group of teens will reflect a wide range of dating experience and that some teens will not date at all in high school. While TeenSafe workshops can help students recognize abusive behavior in their own relationships, it is primarily geared toward speaking to a whole community: What do we need to know? What is our role? What can we do to prevent abuse? The overall message offered through the TeenSafe workshops is that help is available and teens can play an incredibly important role in helping a friend find assistance from a trusted adult.

The goal is for everybody in the community - friends, parents, educators, coaches, clergy, and youth advisors - to have the same information about identifying abusive behaviors in relationships so they can support teens in getting the help they need. By offering programs through synagogues and Jewish community settings, TeenSafe is committed to addressing this issue within the Jewish community.

Topics Discussed


“I really like being able to teach people our own age, because we want them to know it’s an important issue. It’s easier to talk with other kids than adults.” –TeenSafe Advisor

“Having our daughter learn to deal with tough issues within a Jewish setting is particularly meaningful. We can see that the program gives her a unique opportunity to work out problems in a safe setting.” –parent of a TeenSafe participant

Thanks to a generous grant from The Miriam Fund and individual donors, TeenSafe programs are available at no cost to the participants.

For more information, call 781-647-JFCS (5327) or email your questions via our contact us page.