The Betty Ann Greenbaum Miller Center holds bereavement groups that provide emotional and spiritual support for adults living with loss.

Jewish tradition teaches us that it is an act of compassion (chesed) to be there for someone when they are grieving. To be present in someone else's grief, as an individual or as part of a community, is a powerful act of loving kindness. Gemilut Hasadim ("the giving of loving-kindness") is a core value of Judaism - our bereavement support groups provide loving kindness to those grieving, and ensures that they will not be alone in their grief.

JF&CS holds nonsectarian bereavement groups for Partner Loss and Parent Loss. We have built communal and spiritual supports to accompany you through wherever your personal journey of grief takes you.

To pre-register, please contact the groups' facilitator, Betsy Englander, Mental Health and Wellness Engagement Manager, at or 781-693-1254. There is no fee.


Additional Resources for Aging Adults

Jewish tradition teaches, “You shall rise before the aged and show deference to the old.”

- (Lev. 19:32)