Talking with teens about dating abuse can be difficult. It’s hard to know where to begin.

JF&CS TeenSafe has put together some resources designed to help you start this conversation with the teens in your life. Also, note that our TeenSafe staff and high school-aged Peer Leaders are ready to bring a workshop or series of workshops to your community to help raise awareness about dating abuse and get everyone talking about safe and healthy relationships!

*Created by the TeenSafe Peer Leaders for TDVAM 2022

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

This year's national theme... Talk About It

In the spirt of this year's theme, we are encouraging teens and adults in Jewish formal and informal youth programs to talk about what makes a dating relationship healthy, unhealthy, controlling, or abusive. Whether you are a teen, youth advisor, educator or parent, we hope that you will start - and then continue - a conversation this month and beyond!

Click here to download the TeenSafe Teen Dating Abuse Month Toolkit!

Don't know what to say? We can help you get going with some conversation starters...

Okay, now you're talking about the issue. That's great! Wondering what else you can do?

We were hoping you'd ask! February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Please help spread awareness about the issue by...

It's good to know our local and national resources, just in case someone tells you they need help or support

There are definitely people who can help you and the teen who needs help or support.

And finally...please consider starting or continuing this conversation by hosting a TeenSafe program for your youth group, school, or other community organization!

Get the conversation started with TeenSafe!

TeenSafe is designed to help teens recognize controlling and abusive behaviors in dating relationships and to know what to do if they see, hear about, or experience any of these behaviors.

TeenSafe's free programs are tailored to each site. We plan with our host sites to be sure the program we bring is designed for your community.