Bet Tzedek ("House of Justice") Legal Services promotes social and economic justice for our clients by providing free legal services to those with low income.

At Bet Tzedek Legal Services, we work closely with all of the programs at JF&CS. This collaborative approach enables us to provide personalized client services, recognizing that an individual’s legal needs are often intertwined with the need for essential human services and other support.

A network of volunteer attorneys and law firms provides pro bono legal representation to clients, as well as ancillary services to the Bet Tzedek program. Bet Tzedek relies on this generous support to enhance the mission of its program.

Services and Eligibility

"It was such a relief to work with a lawyer and know that my daughter will be protected and safe if anything happens to me."

- Bet Tzedek Client

Volunteer with Bet Tzedek Legal Services

We encourage experienced attorneys interested in providing pro bono legal services to call us. Together, we can make a real contribution towards improving our community and increasing public access to legal services.

Opportunities vary from handling individual cases to providing brief telephone advice on a specific legal issue. Whatever their time commitment, Bet Tzedek Legal Services attorneys have the potential to make an enormous difference in an individual’s life while fulfilling the recommendations of the Massachusetts Bar to assist persons with limited means. To become a member of the volunteer panel, please fill out our volunteer registration form.

For more information, call 781-647-JFCS (5327) or email your questions via our contact us page.

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