CHAI Services knows that to fully support an individual with disabilities, it's vital to also provide support and care for their family and caregivers. CHAI hosts a variety of programs to support caregivers and care for their own needs.

Home-based Caregiving for People with Complex Disabilities

Adult Family Care (AFC) helps individuals with disabilities and/or medical conditions live in the community by providing their caregivers with financial assistance and supports.

Planning for the Future

JF&CS offers expert guidance and support in ensuring that your family member is always safe and taken care of. When you don't know what the future holds, we can help you demystify it.

Disability Resource Network

The JF&CS Disability Resource Network (DRN) is a free information, referral, and consultation service. The DRN works with families, professionals, and people with a wide range of disabilities, helping them connect with programs and services that promote the fullest participation in the community. Callers receive professional assistance in identifying resources related to education, vocational training, housing, finances, religious life, recreation, and other aspects of community living.

Family Advocacy

Family Advocates work directly with family members to provide hands-on assistance and advocacy throughout their love one’s life. Our advocates help navigate the special education system, the transition to adult benefits and resources, and various needs of adults with disabilities.

Respite Programs

Caring for someone with a disability can be an all-hands-on-deck moment for a family. Our respite programs ensure that the caregivers are being cared for too, given opportunities to unwind and enjoy themselves.