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Gail Schulman, JF&CS CEO

Update from the most recent edition of the
Making Connections newsletter

February 27th, 2023

In the weeks that have passed since the tragedy in Duxbury, we at JF&CS have witnessed an incredible outpouring from community members drawn to our work on post-partum depression and maternal mental health. So many of you have inquired about our Center for Early Relationship Support to seek help for yourselves, to learn more, or to offer your time and your financial support.

Early parenthood isn’t easy, but we see every day how supportive services can make a world of difference. As Debbie Whitehill, former director of the Lauren & Mark Rubin Visiting Moms Program, said to The Boston Globe, the success stories are too often left untold: “You don’t hear about people who have a tough time and recover.”

As I’ve shared before, mine was one of those stories. When my twins were born more than two months premature, my Visiting Mom not only lent a helping hand but also helped me adjust to the enormity of parenthood. And when, after a year of connecting, she said to me, “You’ve got this,” I realized how far our family had come.

JF&CS programs and services for new families offer the power of peer connection and support, combined with deep professional and clinical expertise. Over decades, we have helped thousands of families and earned a national reputation as experts in early relationship support.

If you know of young families who could benefit from the advice and support of JF&CS professionals, please encourage them to call our free information and referral service at 781-647-5327 or send us an email. We could not do this work without you – thank you.


Gail Schulman