Helping parents better understand their children's mental health needs and providing tools to address them.

Our nation is in the midst of a youth mental health crisis. Yet finding mental health resources is difficult. At JF&CS, we repeatedly hear that parents don't know how to go about helping their children; that they feel overwhelmed and powerless.

Building on JF&CS's longstanding expertise helping families address mental health challenges, we are now offering new services: mental health clinical consultations and family navigation. Our approach is based on evidence gleaned from decades of research that stresses the importance of “caring for the caregiver.”

How does it work?

Consult: Meet with a licensed clinician with expertise in youth mental health and service systems to address the needs of your child and family.

Plan: Receive a written personalized summary and plan, with recommendations from the consulting clinician.

Navigate: Work with a family navigator to access the resources and services outlined in your personalized plan.

Why seek youth mental health supports at JF&CS?

Have you seen a distinct and sustained shift in your child’s mood or behavior?

Is your child withdrawing or isolating?

Has there been a sudden drop in your child’s grades or performance in activities?

Are you wondering how to best support your child to cope with a major life/family transition?

Are you having difficulty distinguishing between adolescent angst and possible depression in your child?

Have you considered taking your child to therapy, but your child is resistant?

Do you and your spouse/co-parent disagree on how to best support your struggling child?

Are you considering accessing mental health services for your child but you don’t know where to start?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then call to inquire about a clinical consultation today.

How are these services unique?

Clinical consultations are a unique service in the continuum of care to address youth mental health, offering the clinical expertise of an adolescent mental health specialist without the lengthy wait and long-term investment of time required by families seeking outpatient individual or family therapy.

The consulting clinician will assess the family’s needs and make recommendations using their extensive knowledge of the vast children’s mental health service system, as well as vast experience with child and adolescent development, diagnostic frameworks and family systems theory. The clinician will consider the developmental, social, educational and medical history of the youth, according to the parents’ report, while also assessing the parents’ understanding of their child’s needs.

The consulting clinician will also assess the needs of the parents/caregivers during the consultation and will include service/resource recommendations for parents and the whole family at the end of the consultation.  

After the initial clinical consultation session, the Clinician, with the help of the JF&CS Family Navigator, will review the assessment information and compile information about services and resources as part of recommendations for the family.   

Following a clinical consultation, parents and caregivers have the option of accessing a JF&CS Family Navigator to assist families in accessing the services recommended by the clinician, as well as any other needed resources that are identified. This may include helping families complete applications, reaching out to service providers to access services or get on waitlists, attending team planning meetings, or accompanying families on visits to potential programs.

The navigator will work with the family until they access the services they need. They may communicate in person, via phone, email, and/or telehealth, per the needs or requests of the family. The Family Navigator may also consult with JF&CS colleagues who specialize in the areas of special education and state benefit programs.

The parent/caregiver clinical consultation and written report are available for a flat fee of $350. Subsidies are available for families for whom this fee is not accessible. Contact us for details.

How do I get started?

To learn more or to schedule an initial consultation, call JF&CS Mental Health Connect at 781-693-5562 or email and a clinician will follow up with you promptly.

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