We are honored to work with you as you plan for your Mitzvah Project. It’s important that you choose a cause you care about. JF&CS serves a wide range of people with different needs and our Mitzvah Project options reflect that, so we hope you can find a cause here to support.

View a list of options below or let us customize the right project for you by contacting us at volunteers@jfcsboston.org or 781-693-5007.

Use Your Project to Help

People Experiencing Food Insecurity

Older Adults

Holocaust Survivors

Basic Needs

People with Disabilities

You can learn more about Mitzvah Projects by contacting our Manager of Volunteer Services, Ava Harder, at volunteers@jfcsboston.org or 781-693-5007.

JF&CS helped us understand that while being a mom is never easy, being a teenager and providing for your kid(s) during COVID-19 is even more stressful for these clients. We learned that we could purchase backpacks and fill them with all kinds of fun stuff for the three-year-olds who would be graduating from the Healthy Families program. Although this project was meant to be work, it was so satisfying for the both of us to know that we were helping other people, other families.

- Talia Wilk and Leah Farb, two teens who completed a Mitzvah Project to support the Healthy Families program

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