Our approach to supporting mental health and wellness in adults is centered on setting practical goals, developing trusting relationships, and understanding the whole person we're working with.

Group-based support

We run dozens of groups that offer a supportive environment for people to share their experiences, emotions and coping strategies. Guided by expert facilitators, these JF&CS groups include ones for suicide loss, parent loss, partner loss, support for caregivers and adult children of people living with Parkinson’s Disease or Alzheimer’s and related disorders, therapeutic arts, new parents, pregnancy support, parents of toddlers, postpartum depression, new adoptive parents, motherless mothers, parenting journey in recovery, domestic abuse survivors and more.

Virtual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Path to Well-being, our no-cost joint initiative of McLean Hospital, Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), and JF&CS, provides participants with access to six-to-eight-week Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) virtually. It provides practical strategies that can help you feel better, even during stressful times.

Therapist Finder

Through our partnership with CJP and the William James College INTERFACE Referral Service, a simple call to Mental Health Connect can help you find a therapist and meet a variety of your mental health needs.

Community-based coaching

Through one-on-one support, we address the challenges in people’s lives that impact their mental health. Our clients identify and work towards specific goals, such as combating social isolation or improving workplace relationships. We also support families to better advocate for and access benefits, housing, special education services and more—all key contributors to mental health and wellness.

Social opportunities

Because community and connection are key to mental health and wellness, we offer a suite of therapeutically oriented recreational opportunities. Examples include arts-based programming for older adults and conversation groups for Jewish adults living with chronic mental health challenges.

Addressing basic needs

People experience better mental health outcomes, including the reduction of stress and anxiety, when their basic needs are met. JF&CS helps clients of all backgrounds meet their basic needs including food, housing, and emergency financial aid.

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