No one has to go it alone

The challenges facing our community—from social isolation to antisemitism to poverty to mental health crises—are pervasive, and often seem to compound one another.

Perhaps before the pandemic and the crisis in Israel, we looked at people struggling with challenges like these and thought, “That will never happen to me.” Now we are all too aware that everyone is vulnerable—that any one of us might find ourselves in a situation where we need to rely on others for help.

Thankfully, no one has to go it alone. Thousands of people come together every year through Jewish Family & Children’s Service to help our neighbors in need. Our staff, volunteers, and donors share a deep compassion, a commitment to the highest level of professionalism, and an integrated approach that combines services across multiple dimensions—psychological, logistical, social, legal, financial, and more. Their many hands come together to bear a burden no one can carry alone.

Our impact

2022–2023 Highlights

  • Improved 14,000+ lives per year
  • Galvanized ~2,500 volunteers annually
  • Distributed $7 million in client assistance
  • Provided 566,424 hours of programming and services for adults with disabilities
  • Helped 1,779 people navigate complex systems through our helplines
  • Served 2,280 people with healthy food through Family Table
  • Assisted 420+ Holocaust survivors with home visits, economic support, and socialization
  • Helped 1,048 older adults to age with dignity
  • Assisted 165 survivor households of domestic violence
  • Helped 549 new parents form healthy attachments

Letter from the CEO

“At JF&CS, many hands come together to carry out the constant work of improving lives.”

Letter from the President

“The diversity of services JF&CS provides directly to clients is truly awe-inspiring.”

Basic Needs

Putting people on a path to economic stability

Meeting a person’s basic needs turns out to be anything but basic. JF&CS offers an integrated approach to helping people facing economic instability.

Isolation. Loneliness. Stress. Anxiety.

Addressing the mental health crisis

The COVID-19 public health emergency has left an unprecedented mental health crisis in its wake. Yet finding mental health resources is hard.

Community, Housing, Access, and Independence

Helping People with Disabilities Flourish

Many interconnected pieces go into creating a fulfilling life for a person with disabilities. JF&CS provides comprehensive support for people with disabilities and the people who love them.

Solutions to life's challenges

Caring at all ages and stages of life

Across each of our lives, there are acute moments where we need help. In those moments, from welcoming a new baby to preparing for end of life, JF&CS is there to help people meet the challenges.

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Financial information, donor gratitude, and more can be found in the full PDF version of our annual report.