Isolation. Loneliness. Stress. Anxiety.

The COVID-19 public health emergency has left an unprecedented mental health crisis in its wake. Though our society has begun acknowledging the importance of mental health, stigmas remain—and crises are mounting fast.

Yet finding mental health resources is hard. JF&CS has deep expertise in mental health, with dozens of social workers and services to address anxiety, social isolation, post-partum depression, bereavement, persistent mental illness, and more. Mental Health Connect, our confidential helpline, connects people with expert advice and appropriate resources. It is a gateway to an array of supportive services at JF&CS. We now receive an average of six new calls a day to Mental Health Connect alone.

The hundreds of support group sessions JF&CS offers each year guide people through life's many challenges.

We now run hundreds of support group sessions in a year—an enormous increase since pre-pandemic times. Guided by expert facilitators, these groups help people through different challenges of life: new, expectant, and adoptive parents; domestic abuse survivors; people who have lost a parent, partner, or a loved one, including to suicide; and people living with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.

JF&CS will continue to be there for our community, enhancing supports to meet changing mental health needs.