Addressing the community's mental health needs

Elysse Nava, LICSW, Director of Community Resources and Mental Health Supports, oversees the JF&CS helplines. Through empathic, skilled conversation, our staff often uncover a constellation of needs and thoughtfully collaborate both internally and externally to help callers receive the help they require.

Sally* called seeking help for her teenage daughter, who’d experienced escalating mental health symptoms after moving cross-country right before the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Mental Health Connect staff educated Sally about what self-harm and crisis could look like and provided crisis-intervention resources.

Rob*, bereft from loss and seeking human connection, called after his adult son died by suicide. Multiple staff collaborated on meeting his needs, from individual and group mental health support, to legal assistance with probate court, to transportation resources and home meal delivery, and a referral for help filing taxes.

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Jane*, a woman in her 60s, was looking for a new psychiatrist after her long-term provider retired. We helped her find a psychiatrist who took her MassHealth and Medicare health insurance. When she had trouble completing her new provider’s online intake form, the Mental Health Connect staff person provided additional support.

Susie* reached out when her adult son was experiencing active delusions and psychosis. After listening with compassion, JF&CS helped Susie call the local psychiatric mobile crisis team and get her son psychiatric inpatient treatment. She also connected with her local elder abuse agency to receive support when her son threatened violence.

If you need mental health support, please reach out to Mental Health Connect at 781-693-5562 or

*Names changed to protect client anonymity.

Many hands come together at JF&CS to carry out the constant work of improving lives.