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Infant-Parent Training Institute

Infant Observation

The Infant Observation Course helps prepare professionals for working with infants, parents, and families.

mom, baby, and clinicianThe course includes a two-hour small group seminar, weekly one-hour observations of an infant-parent dyad, written observations, and readings on aspects of infant observation, development, and infant-parent interaction. The course meets twice a month from September to June. Please see the FAQs for more information.


Infant Observation provides a rich experience for professionals across a wide spectrum of disciplines. Our students have included social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, early childhood educators, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and early intervention specialists.

The Experience of Infant Observation

Observing infants over time in their family setting forms the foundation for understanding early development and the parent-child relationship. In addition, the experience of close observation builds awareness of the observer’s internal experiences and responses, a critical base for therapeutic work. Formal training in infant observation has long played a role in the training of psychotherapy professionals and child development specialists.

Observers become sensitized to intricate aspects of infant behavior and infant-parent interaction. The natural and inevitable feelings aroused by infant observation are shared and explored within the supportive small group. This allows for multiple perspectives and expands the view of the one observer. Group process provides another level of understanding, as group interactions sometimes parallel interactions observed between mothers and infants.

Program Information

  • IPTI will be offering two Infant Observation seminars, one at our Waltham Headquarters and one in Providence, Rhode Island. Both seminars meet twice a month.
  • Classes are small; maximum of five students.
  • The tuition for the course is $1,500. IPTI has scholarship funds available for students from racial/ethnic minority groups. The purpose of the scholarship is to reduce barriers to enrolling in the Infant Observation course for people of color, and to add diversity to the group of professionals working in the field of infant mental health. Please note your interest in receiving a scholarship on your application.
  • CEUs for some disciplines will be available.
  • Applications due by July 1, 2018. Applications submitted after the deadline may be considered depending upon enrollment.
  • Please contact us at if you would be interested in IPTI offering Infant Observation on-site for your organization or group.


  • Download the Infant Observation Course application.

For more information,contact us at or 781-693-5652

"You become more sensitive to nuances of infancy, sharpen observation skills, increase ability to describe what you see, experience an emotional connection with mother and baby, and gain insight into your own feelings about babies and mothers and into your own experience as a baby and a mother."
-Course Participant
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