JF&CS acknowledges and respects the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is welcoming of all and celebrates the uniqueness of those we serve: staff, volunteers, donors, and business partners.

Our Commitment

We intentionally serve people of all faiths, backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.

Our work is guided by core tenets of faith and commitment—not by bureaucratic processes or a desire to maximize profits. Our goal is to improve lives and improve the world—which is part of what makes JF&CS a special place.

We appreciate the whole person in each of our employees—recognizing the value of meaningful relationships and work/life balance.

We have a 150 year tradition of philanthropic support, with the stability and commitment that that implies.

We have a very wide range of paid holidays, including all of the core legal holidays—ranging from Independence Day to Christmas—as well as Jewish holidays.

"You don’t have to be Jewish to work here, or to advance in your career. We value diversity in our organization, and have staff across multiple religions at all levels of the organization. Our work at JF&CS is guided by Jewish values of social justice, loving kindness, repairing the world, and welcoming the stranger—values that can be embraced by people of all backgrounds."

- Gail Schulman, CEO, Jewish Family & Children's Service of Greater Boston

Cultural Humility

We encourage an attitude of cultural humility to create a warm and welcoming environment for all. Cultural humility includes the eagerness to learn about the experiences and cultures of participants and staff from diverse backgrounds, and the commitment to organizational change that promotes equity and inclusion.

We feel it’s our responsibility to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion at JF&CS. JF&CS must be able to support the goal of respect for all members of the community, and have the ability to respond to changing community needs, demographics, and funding trends. To accomplish our goal, JF&CS and staff engages in the three principles of cultural humility:

Our Workforce

We are committed to building relationships with people of diverse backgrounds to create a truly inclusive workplace. We affirm our commitment to social justice by recognizing and finding value in our differences.

We strive to create an environment where people can feel safe and bring their whole self to their work. We appreciate the whole person in each of our employees, recognizing the value of meaningful relationships and work/life balance. This balance is supported and nurtured by a competitive benefits package, including generous paid holidays, that allow employees to thrive in all aspects of their lives.


Our organization's commitment to social justice has been intentionally evolving. In 2013, we recognized the need to enhance our focus and awareness about the cultural diversity among our clients and staff, in order to promote culturally attuned service delivery for our clients and a more welcoming and respectful workplace environment for our staff.

Our understanding of what it takes to build a truly anti-racist and responsive social justice stance continues to grow. Our current DEI Advisory Committee was formed, backed and supported by executive level leadership and is comprised of staff from diverse backgrounds and levels throughout the organization, which has enabled the infusion and support of DEI efforts across divisions and programs.

We understand that the work we are doing is a work-in-progress and are committed to being constantly engaged in this work moving forward.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

To maintain accountability and continue pushing the praxis of cultural humility forward, JF&CS hosts a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee.

The Committee serves as a champion, advocate, and resource, providing education and action to further organizational change to promote equity and inclusion for the people we serve, our staff, board members, volunteers, and funders. It also provides a forum to focus on cultural awareness and responsiveness, and a catalyst inspiring JF&CS to seek diverse perspectives, set goals, and monitor action plans to incorporate inclusive practices into our work.

Through the committee, JF&CS expresses its commitments to: