Read the latest JF&CS Annual Report for examples of our impact over this last unprecedented year, and recognition of the many donors and volunteers that made our work possible.

Download a pdf of the report

Some of our impact:

Combating Economic Insecurity

Increase in our Family Table capacity, enabling us to serve 350 new families.

Financial and food assistance provided since the start of the pandemic.

Hebrew Free Loans given for moderate income people to assist with a range of financial needs including lifecycle events, housing repairs, and more.

Improving Mental Health

Mental health calls across all JF&CS help lines.
Goals our one-on-one coaching clients achieved or are on their way to achieving.

Synagogues we regularly provide mental health support to via the Caring Community Resource Network.

Caring for the Caregivers

Calls from caregivers to a JF&CS help line.
Active volunteers this year, including 67 Lauren & Mark Rubin Visiting Moms.
Hours of personal support from Your Elder Experts for families navigating the complexities of aging.

Promoting Independence for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities that we supported to work in the community.
Hours of programming and services delivered since the start of the pandemic to residents of our community-oriented homes for people with disabilities.
Children with disabilities with more friends and skills from our respite and recreation programs.