Helping a mom get back on her feet

Juliet*, a hardworking and resourceful woman, came to the United States to escape persecution in her home country in East Africa. Her asylum case had been pending for nearly a decade when her baby was born during the pandemic. As a healthcare worker, she faced both safety concerns and a childcare shortage that would jeopardize her ability to return to work and support her family. Reluctant to apply for economic assistance out of fear it would impact her asylum case, she realized such assistance would be key to staying afloat.

Maria, a volunteer Lauren & Mark Rubin Visiting Mom, supported Juliet as she navigated new parenthood far away from her own family and support network. Seeing Juliet’s difficulties making ends meet, she reached out to JF&CS professionals for help.

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Ellen, JF&CS’s Family Resource Coordinator, showed Juliet how to apply for the child tax credit, as well as income-eligible childcare, fuel assistance, low-income discounted utility rates, and low-cost internet. She also helped her get groceries through Family Table and rent payments through the JF&CS Emergency Financial Assistance program.

Hannah, a public Benefits Advocate with JF&CS’s Bet Tzedek Legal Services, investigated and resolved an error in Juliet’s government record that was preventing Juliet’s daughter from receiving food assistance. She also helped Juliet identify further benefits for which she could apply without negatively impacting her immigration status.

*Name and photo changed to protect client privacy.

Many hands come together at JF&CS to carry out the constant work of improving lives.