The war in Israel has created enormous heartbreak, stress, and trauma in our community—whether people are directly impacted, are missing loved ones, or are anxiously following the news coverage from afar.

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In this time of crisis, JF&CS is here. We offer deep expertise in mental health and trauma-informed care, and a cultural sensitivity to the needs of the Jewish community. We also offer know-how in navigating systems to meet practical needs for people moving to the area.

Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Mental Health Connect

If you or people in your life are grappling with sadness, anxiety, and grief, please know that you can reach out to JF&CS Mental Health Connect, our free, confidential information and referral service. A JF&CS mental health professional will take the time to understand your situation and connect you with expert advice and appropriate resources, such as referrals to therapists (including Hebrew-speaking), virtual cognitive-behavioral therapy, support groups, volunteer visitors, and other resources within JF&CS and at our community partners for addressing mental health concerns.

Contact JF&CS Mental Health Connect by calling 781-693-5562 or by writing to

Support Groups

We're offering drop-in support groups for community members affected by the crisis. These groups offer a supportive environment for people to share their experiences, emotions and coping strategies, guided by expert facilitators.

Bereavement Group

To support people who have lost a loved one in the October 7 attacks and subsequent war in Israel, JF&CS is exploring the possibility of offering a bereavement group. Please let us know if you would be interested in such a group and related supports.

Parent Support Group

This is a challenging time for parents and caregivers as they navigate the war in Israel and rising antisemitism. Please notify us if you are interested in joining a support group for parents and caregivers.

Upcoming Support Group Sessions

We are continuing to add new support group sessions. Please check back frequently for updates.

Support for Synagogues and Community Organizations

JF&CS is a resource for rabbis, synagogues, universities, and other organizations supporting the community through this time of need. Whether you need specific advice for a complex need, support for organization-wide programming, or help bringing people together for facilitated support, please reach out to JF&CS for guidance and partnership.

Contact JF&CS Mental Health Connect by calling 781-693-5562 or by writing to

Assistance with Temporary Relocation

For Israelis who are coming to our area temporarily, we can help navigate available resources. Relocating at this time can be very overwhelming, but JF&CS staff and volunteers, in collaboration with other Jewish partner organizations, can help welcome new arrivals and access a wide range of resources. If you’re figuring out housing, health insurance, driving with an international driver’s license, school for children, citizenship/immigration status or other questions, we’re here to help.

Contact us at or 781-693-1234.


Boston-area Jewish agencies are collaborating to help Israeli individuals and families find temporary housing and access other relevant supports and resources.

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How You Can Help


Please donate to support our efforts in the local community during this time.

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We are still formulating potential plans for volunteers. If you’re interested in volunteering down the line, please fill out an application form and we will be in touch if opportunities arise. If you are a mental health clinician with trauma-informed care experience, please note that in the form.

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