Our Clinical Case Management services offer one-on-one assistance to adults with autism spectrum disorder, mental illness, and other disabilities, helping them overcome challenges and pursue their personal goals.

We create a partnership with each individual to help them identify and work towards goals that lead to a more meaningful, purposeful and independent life. Whether it is expanding an individual’s social circle or coordinating a series of important medical appointments, each service plan is unique. Our services can be provided in the community or at our offices.

Our coaches collaborate with clients to meet their basic needs, resolve problems that jeopardize stability, build skills and confidence, connect with resources, and take steps toward a more fulfilling life through a supportive partnership model. Due to their clinical backgrounds, clinical case managers are able to provide coaching and emotional support throughout services to help clients achieve their goals. Services include:

Coaching and Life Skills Training that will improve their daily living, organizational, social, and vocational skills including:

Care Coordination in which case managers work with an individual’s other providers and information support team, including:

Resource Navigation that that will provide information and guidance in finding, advocating for, and accessing appropriate services and opportunities in the community, such as:

These services are offered based on an hourly rate. Subsidies are available for those who quality.

To learn more call 781-693-5640, or email your questions to GetHelp@jfcsboston.org.

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