Posted by Ava Harder

Volunteers at the Friendly Visitor Passover SederIt is National Volunteer Week!

Thank you for volunteering your time with us. We are grateful for your dedication.

With so many options available to you, we appreciate that our volunteers have chosen to devote time to our clients. Have you distributed food for Family Table? Or danced or sang with Parkinson's Dance or Tremble Clefs? Have you dedicated your skill to Bet Tzedek or are you on a JF&CS committee? Are you visiting a new parent or leading a support group for new moms and dads? Have you celebrated Shabbat with older adults in retirement homes or people with disabilities?

Volunteers are an integral part of everything we do at JF&CS and we are grateful to you, our volunteers, for sharing your time and your lives with us.

What? You haven't volunteered with us yet and would like to get information on becoming involved? Check out the volunteer section of our website to see a list of all of current volunteer opportunities.

We are honored that you have chosen JF&CS!

Ava Harder is the JF&CS Manager of Volunteer Services. She is passionate about weaving volunteerism throughout the agency. When not at work, Ava enjoys time with her husband and their two daughters, as well as their sweet little dog.