CHAI Champions 2019: Recognizing Julie O'Brien
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CHAI Champions 2019: Recognizing Julie O'Brien
September 24, 2019
Julie O'Brien

Posted by JF&CS

Julie O'Brien

JF&CS is excited to recognize Julie O’Brien as one of our 2019 CHAI Champions. At this year’s CHAI Champions event, JF&CS will recognize five individuals who share our mission to care deeply about promoting community, housing, access, and independence (CHAI) for people of all abilities. Julie is a Family Support Clinician at Massachusetts General Hospital Lurie Center. There, she helps children and their families prepare for their transition into adult services.

Julie’s inspiration for her career choice came when she met a young boy named Mike. Mike’s persistent and quirky personality convinced Julie that this was the career for her, and she has since worked to support kids just like Mike and their families.

Julie’s family has also been a source of motivation for her work. Two of Julie’s own children are on the autism spectrum, which makes her work feel that much more meaningful. Julie understands the challenges and triumphs that come with raising children who are on the spectrum, and her career as a Family Support Clinician lets her share her experience and knowledge with other families.

She strives to gives individuals and their families access to the resources and knowledge they need to feel the support they deserve. “I love my job and I love what I do every day. I’m part of a team so when I’m recognized individually, I’m humbled. And coming from JF&CS, knowing their history, just makes me so proud. Proud. Thankful. Honored,” Julie said.

To learn more about the CHAI Champions event, visit our event page.

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