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Man walking in Charlestown

Billy, a CHAI Services client, meets with a clinical case worker from JF&CS each week to identify and work on goals he would like to achieve in the future. With the help of his case worker, Mary, he makes new steps towards improving himself every day.

Although Billy is shy at first, once he gets to know someone, he is talkative and full of laughs. “He’s really sweet and witty,” Mary shared. Mary has gotten to know him well over the course of working with him and has helped him identify skills to improve on, many of which are now focused on increasing his independence. Some of these tasks are things he's never done, like going to the store on his own, or finding his way around the community. Billy currently lives with his mom, but he’s working on skills that would allow him to move into a new setting.

By working with Mary, Billy is seeing improvement in walking to the store himself and meeting up with Mary at a different location. Because he lives in a busy area, this can be a daunting and difficult task, but he is making strides towards accessing his neighborhood. Going to the grocery store ties together all of the skills he’s working on, like cooking and cleaning, into a series of big accomplishments. These tasks will also lead to fun activities that Billy looks forward to. “He's excited to walk to his favorite pizza place on his own. We walk past other pizza shops, but he loves that one,” said Mary.

While going on these trips, Billy also has the opportunity to practice his photography, one of his favorite hobbies. “Billy is very artistic. He takes photographs and puts a calendar together every year as a holiday gift. It’s full of flowers and sunsets; he’s very creatively minded,” said Mary. Billy’s independence gives him the ability to be more self-sufficient, and it also opens new paths to exploring the hobbies he enjoys.

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