CHAI Camping 2010Picture a beautiful wooded campground in the Berkshires, on a clear, clean lake; rustic cabins; and a rec hall with games, ping pong tables, and snacks. Now picture 16 friends gathering in this wonderful space for three days of boating, swimming, hiking, great BBQs, and s'mores. Add to this picture sunny, warm, June weather. Now you can begin to imagine how great the annual CHAI camping trip was this past June.

But even if you have a great imagination, it would be hard to really appreciate how much fun we had. Hard to imagine what it was like to be part of our campfire-side talent show where everyone had a chance to show off singing and dancing skills that would make even Simon Cowell smile. Hard to imagine what it was like to sit in the sun and make beautiful craft projects, to team up with others to put together jigsaw puzzles, to wake up each morning to breakfast in the big cabin and greet the day with so many friends.

CHAI Camping 2010But, please, keep trying to imagine because the CHAI camping trip is a special experience that brings so much joy to the CHAI residents who attend. And now that the camping trip is over, all that's left to imagine is how great it will be to do it again next year!

What is your favorite summer outing?