Posted by Kate Weldon LeBlanc, Administrative Director of the Center for Early Relationship Support

I generally don't deal well with change, and I like consistency. But as a mother of a young child, I have had to accept that change is unavoidable, sometimes challenging, and often exciting. Babies and toddlers are experiencing transitions, small and large, all the time, and they usually impact the whole family. Many of these transitions seem to involve and/or affect sleep! It could be something as minor as moving a child who has fallen asleep in the car into the house, or as major as a baby's passage from a crib to a bed. I know I am not alone in struggling with these changes. I remember a friend lamenting how just a short family vacation set their toddler's bedtime routine into a tailspin.

Is your baby having a tough time with a particular transition? Are you anxious about an upcoming change in your child's sleep? You do not need to face these challenges alone. Join us for our next Sleep Conversation. It's an informal gathering that brings together parents and our sleep consultants to share questions, concerns, and strategies for dealing with the sleep of young children. I'll be there!

Kate Weldon LeBlanc has been the Administrative Director of CERS since August of 2009. She is passionate about child and family issues, particularly on building communities of support for parents. Prior to her arrival at JF&CS, Kate spent nearly ten years working in the departments of Child Advocacy and Government Relations at Children's Hospital Boston. She holds a Bachelor's in Social Work from Skidmore College and a Master's in Public Affairs from UMASS Boston.