Shared by Marya V.

Helping an aging parentLast April, I faced a crisis. Seven hundred miles away, my elderly parents were rapidly declining. My mother, who has Parkinson's disease, was the sole caregiver for my father, who could barely walk and showed signs of worsening dementia. It was urgent that I step in, but I had no idea how to begin. At a friend's suggestion, I contacted JF&CS.

A week later, I met with the Director of Your Elder Experts at JF&CS. She was quick to grasp the practical and emotional particulars of my parents' situation. Her recommendations were thoughtful and specific. I left her office with preliminary answers to my countless questions and with a list of action items, which helped to quell my panic. Her referrals - to lawyers, financial advisors, and elder living facilities - were so on target and consistently excellent that I quickly came to trust her implicitly.

Six months later, the picture is entirely different. My parents are now safe, well cared for, and living within a few miles of my home in Newton. Their affairs are in order, and their house in Michigan is about to be sold. Thank to expert guidance and referrals from JF&CS, I was able to work through a long list of tasks and obstacles that seemed insurmountable half a year ago. My mother, my siblings, and I are enormously relieved and grateful.

JF&CS was life changing for my parents and me. I want to commend the director of Your Elder Experts for her impressive combination of expertise, compassion, and efficiency. Of the many professionals I have consulted in my lifetime, few have been as effective and helpful. I wish everyone facing elder care issues could be as fortunate as I was in finding Your Elder Experts.