Posted by Tali Cook

happy kids"There has been no money for any type of gifts, again, this year, and all money that I am able to get goes directly to bills and oil. Although this is understood and my children are well aware of my struggles, these gift cards will enable me to buy them a little something special. I am truly blessed to have found you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart." -Grateful parent

The holidays are fast approaching, and the Center for Family Assistance (CFA) has begun our annual toy drive. Our goal is to provide gift cards of at least $25 to 400 children in our community who otherwise will not receive presents.

For the families we help, this may be the only gift their children will receive all year. Money may not be available for birthday gifts or other celebrations during the year. Therefore, these holiday gifts take on added meaning, enabling a child to feel special, and a parent to feel empowered, by offering her the means to give something "extra."

In addition, providing gift cards—rather than actual gifts—to our low-income clients allows parents the dignity of choosing their child's gift themselves. Gift cards from chain stores like Target, T.J. Maxx, ToysRUs, Marshalls, and Best Buy are highly desirable because many of our clients do not own cars and these stores have convenient locations, the flexibility of online ordering, and a variety of gift ideas.

We invite you to make a child's holiday special this year with a tax-deductible gift! If you wish to sponsor a specific child (or children), please contact our toy drive coordinator at or 781-647-JFCS (5327), ext. 1418. You can also donate to the Toy Drive online and we will be happy to purchase the gift cards for you.

To make sure each child is sponsored, we need your help! Your tax-deductible gift will ensure that this holiday will be a happy experience for the kids we serve in our community.

Tali CookTali Cook is the Director of the Center for Family Assistance. Born and raised in Israel, she has a BSW from Tel Aviv University and a MA in law from Bar Ilan University. In Israel, Tali worked with clients with mental and physical disabilities through vocational treatment.