One door leads to many forms of support

Claire*, at age 71, has lived a difficult but joyous life. She raised her son as a single mom, participated in the sisterhood at her synagogue, and is now retired from her job at a department store in the same North Shore community where she’s lived for over 40 years. Without any savings, Claire was getting by on Social Security and government food stamps when her building was unexpectedly sold and her rent skyrocketed.

Claire’s Rabbi introduced her to JF&CS Family Table, and the monthly delivery meant that she could count on a predictable balance of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, and kitchen staples.

Deborah, a friend from her synagogue, helped Claire find a more affordable apartment, but the landlord required first and last months’ rent up front in addition to a security deposit. Plus, the moving costs were significant.

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Renée, Claire’s caseworker at Family Table, connected her to the JF&CS Emergency Financial Assistance Program, which provided the funds that allowed Claire to move into an affordable apartment in her community.

JF&CS Mental Health Connect listened as Claire shared her struggle with the depression and isolation she felt during the pandemic, and connected Claire with a support group and a cognitive behavioral therapy program.

Claire came in the JF&CS door to Family Table to fill her pantry. Ultimately, her ties to Family Table led to economic stability, mental wellness, and fulfillment that she once thought she’d never feel again.

*Names and photo changed to protect client privacy.

Many hands come together at JF&CS to carry out the constant work of improving lives.