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Care packages created at the CJP Women's Philanthropy event.

On January 10, 2019, JF&CS was honored to host a CJP Women's Philanthropy event at our headquarters in Waltham. Around 75 women gathered to learn more about Journey to Safety (JTS), the JF&CS response to domestic abuse, and to create care packages that were distributed to survivors of domestic abuse.

Women's Philanthropy is an initiative of Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) dedicated to "harnessing the collective power of women to care for the most vulnerable populations, strengthen our Jewish community...and empower our families and friends to change the world." As our single largest funder, CJP helps to support Journey to Safety and other JF&CS programs with an annual grant of more than $2 million.

The Women's Philanthropy event at JF&CS was co-chaired by Laurie Gliklich, Robin Wolk, and Jennifer Drucker. Elizabeth Schön Vainer, the director of Journey to Safety, delivered a keynote presentation about JTS and its mission.

Creating Care Packages

Volunteers at the event made a tangible impact in the lives of domestic abuse survivors by crafting three different types of care packages for Journey to Safety clients. The first package consisted of dental hygiene products, the second package included shaving supplies, and the third package was dedicated to feminine care items. Domestic abuse impacts survivors' economic security, often brings challenging financial choices, and can make basic toiletries difficult to obtain. Having these everyday items readily available can make a huge difference.

In addition to packing essentials in the care packages, attendees at the Women's Philanthropy event also included items meant to foster hope and self-care. Volunteers wrote cards with inspirational quotes that were handpicked by those who have benefited from JF&CS services. Care packages were also decorated with ribbons and bundled with lavender sachets, to make them pleasing to the senses. Above all else, the care packages were designed to provide a sense of normalcy and dignity for women who are facing incredibly trying situations.

There was such a phenomenal turnout at the Women's Philanthropy event that volunteers were able to make care packages for participants in our Center for Early Relationship Support® programs as well. Much like JTS clients, the mothers in our Early Connections/Conexiones Tempranas and Healthy Families programs are often dealing with significant hardships, and receiving these essential supplies and notes of encouragement can help lighten their burden.

About Journey to Safety

Journey to Safety provides domestic abuse counseling, safety planning, and a host of other resources for women in crisis. As Laurie Gliklich noted at the Women's Philanthropy event, JTS offers women "the choice of seeking support through a Jewish lens and in a way that allows them to maintain whatever level of religious observance (or no religious observance) that makes them feel whole." Although Journey to Safety specializes in serving Jewish and Russian-speaking survivors, they offer assistance to anyone who contacts them for help, regardless of their religion, culture, gender, or country of origin.

To learn more about JTS, please visit our Journey to Safety page.