Posted by Sandy Slavet

Talent is hard to define, but it is even harder to describe. At our recent Chaverim Shel Shalom Talent Night I didn't have to define it, because I got to see it!

Members of Chaverim Shel Shalom (CSS), a social program for Jewish adults with psychiatric challenges, played guitar, sang, and even gave dramatic readings of their insights into modern times and its challenges. Performances included songs by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones, Kool and the Gang, the Temptations, and the Beatles!

Those who didn't perform were treated to singing, music, and entertainment. Throughout the evening, participates were invited to join by serving as back-up singers for the more lively numbers. There was no shortage of talent or courage, and it was a night of great fun. The event was so successful that folks want to add this to our regular activity schedule.

Talent may hard to define and describe, but our performers certainly made it clear that talent is alive and well at CSS!

Sandy SlavetSandy Slavet is the Director of Jewish Life Services for People with Disabilities. Sandy works with CHAI and CHAI Works participants providing social, educational, and Jewish programs including Shabbat and Jewish holiday celebrations as well as participation in community activities at local synagogues and other community locations. She also leads several social programs for adults with disabilities including Chaverim Shel Shalom, Chaverim Chaim (Friends for Life), and Jewish Signers of Massachsetts. Before coming to JF&CS in 2001, Sandy was an ASL Interpreter in private practice. Sandy is active in many community organizations and is an active member of her synagogue. Most importantly, she and her husband, Joe, have four wonderful daughters; her youngest daughter, Marie, is a beautiful 26-year-old who happens to have Down Syndrome.