JF&CS News Winter 2016

Bill and Ruth Weinstein"We firmly believe in being prepared with an estate plan, especially as we get closer to the inevitability of our mortality," says Bill Weinstein, JF&CS Board Treasurer. When he and wife Ruth were considering their estate plan, they knew they wanted the organizations they have helped during their lifetimes to continue to benefit after they were gone. "We knew there were a multitude of eventualities regarding our estate and we knew that it was important to address the future. Now, if the unthinkable happens, the charities that we support and care deeply about will still be covered."

The Weinsteins recently made a generous legacy bequest to JF&CS and other charitable organizations. They are part of a growing trend in which younger families are crafting estate plans to include charities like JF&CS. "You can never be too young to address that," remarks Ruth. "Obviously we hope it's a long time before JF&CS and the other charities reap the benefit. It's hard to think about, admittedly, but now we know that the institutions we love will be taken care of."

"Our legacy of giving will still be felt after we're gone. We now have great peace of mind," adds Bill.

A founding partner and principal of the Ozer Group, which developed and specialized in a wide array of business units, including asset valuation, asset-based lending, and asset disposition, Bill has nearly 30 years in valuing, managing, acquiring, and selling businesses in challenging circumstances. His financial expertise and business acumen have taught him precisely what to look for in an investment.

"I can't help but take a business approach as to how and where we spend our resources. I call it ‘venture philanthropy,'" Bill explains. "When it comes to our personal finances, I want to be able to get the best returns. We've made a conscious decision to employ our philanthropic resources similarly. That's why we invest our time and our money in JF&CS."

"What attracted me to getting involved with JF&CS?' he asks. "It's the wide breadth of services JF&CS offers. We very much like that JF&CS believes in the spirit of giving back to others rooted in Jewish tradition. We have a responsibility to serve the community at large and the agency's efforts show that it is a leader in our community, without regard to ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds. It's a very open-minded organization."

"I also get a very strong sense that the people who work at JF&CS go to bed thinking of more and better services to provide to people in need," he adds. "As I became more involved here as a Board Member, I noticed the unwavering dedication that everyone has to the mission of JF&CS, from CEO Rimma Zelfand to the people who volunteer at JF&CS Family Table [New England's largest kosher food pantry] with Ruth and our daughter, Emily. We feel comfortable spending our time here and know that the money we give is leveraged in the best possible way to make the most impact. It's a recipe for success."

"I love volunteering at Family Table," Ruth remarks. "I get to actually see who is benefitting from the services. As a Jewish community, we have a responsibility to take a leadership role and support all members of the community, not just targeted recipients, and I see JF&CS doing just that."

Bill and Ruth are also pleased to see how many departments at JF&CS are at the forefronts of their respective fields and also how many are involved in developing new and innovative programming. "JF&CS spots a need in the community and then it fulfills that need. It takes what it does best and then finds other populations that might benefit from the same type of service and expertise. It's a forward and fast-moving way of thinking," explains Ruth.

Bill notes, "What JF&CS does speaks to a good, smart approach to success and impact. It has the ability to look inward and recognize its own strengths and then play off those strengths to provide even more services that make lives better. This place ticks all the boxes for us."

"I might not be here some day to help Family Table unload a delivery truck," Ruth says and then smiles. "But maybe our bequest will continue to help those in need in some other way."

Have you ever considered leaving a bequest to JF&CS through your estate plan? It's never too soon to start thinking about the future and a philanthropic planned gift is the ultimate act of kindness and generosity.

In addition to helping others, a planned gift can benefit you in a number of ways, such as reducing estate and income taxes, providing additional income for you or your heirs, and helping you achieve your personal and charitable objectives. Once you have provided for loved ones in your will, you might consider a gift of money, property, or stock to JF&CS.

One of the simplest planned gift vehicles is a bequest through your will. If you have already prepared your will, you can add a simple codicil to include a gift to JF&CS while leaving the rest of the will unchanged. Your gift will be a lasting tribute to your support of our mission while helping to guarantee a strong, viable, and vibrant future for JF&CS.

For more information, please contact Wendy Wilsker, Senior VP of Institutional Advancement, at wwilsker@jfcsboston.org or 781-693-5674.