JF&CS Benefit 2014

Benefit 2014JF&CS has been providing support, guidance, and emergency assistance for people facing economic hardship throughout our 150-year history. At the JF&CS Benefit, we shared stories of how JF&CS improves the lives of people and families in need.

Irene* was referred to JF&CS by a friend. She had two children and was four months pregnant with a third. Due to a high-risk pregnancy, she was no longer able to work and had no source of income. She had been living, temporarily, with a friend who required Irene to leave the apartment during the day, which became unsafe for Irene and her unborn baby. JF&CS connected her to legal services that advocated for her to be placed in an emergency shelter at a hotel in Waltham. JF&CS immediately provided Irene and her family with emergency food and gift cards for diapers and other basic necessities. A JF&CS staff person helped Irene complete applications for financial assistance, permanent housing, and negotiated admission into the nearby Head Start program for her children.

The JF&CS staff person also connected Irene to the JF&CS Fragile Beginnings program to provide support during the final trimester of her pregnancy. Unfortunately, severe complications resulted in the death of the baby during delivery. JF&CS staff continued to be a source of emotional support for Irene and continued to help her achieve greater stability. A few months after the loss of her newborn, Irene's name finally came up at the top of the affordable housing list. JF&CS helped pay for costs associated with the move.

Although Irene continues to grieve the loss of her baby, she is now economically stable and has gone back to work. She is a loving mother and very motivated to provide for her family. She keeps her focus on a bright future with her children, who are flourishing in their new affordable apartment. JF&CS responded to Irene's needs and connected her to resources, both within JF&CS and the community. Irene made excellent use of the resources and support provided by JF&CS and is on her way toward self-sufficiency and a full and satisfying life.

*Name changed to protect privacy.