Posted by Bernice Behar

I called one of our Russian speaking clients to remind her of our upcoming distribution. She always thanks us for our "good care," but this time when we spoke, she said that she had just gotten the gift card which would allow her to buy a kosher turkey for Thanksgiving. She said "thank you, thank you always for your good, good care for me and my husband."

When we ask for $25 donations for Turkey Tzedakah we are then able to distribute food cards for that amount so Family Table recipients can purchase their own kosher turkeys. This year 280 families were able to have turkey on their table thanks to Turkey Tzedakah.

We in Family Table are enormously appreciative of those who contribute, as well as synagogues who distribute our information to many more people than we would otherwise reach. Turkey Tzedakah is truly a community endeavor. When Leah writes a note, saying, "Thank you for being a continued blessing and source of support and strength for me and my peers. You are truly wonderful individuals," it is a thank you to all.

Bernice Behar is the program manager for Family Table. Prior to joining JF&CS in early 2010, she spent more than twenty years working in the financial industry as an investment manager. In recent years, she undertook several leadership positions at her synagogue, which inspired her commitment to Jewish communal work.