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JF&CS has launched our new responsive website!JF&CS is delighted to announce the launch of our new and dynamic responsive website. Now, you can take us anywhere you go – on your desktop computer, laptop, notebook, tablet, phone, or other mobile device.

In the past, as with many websites, what appeared on your desktop monitor might not necessarily translate to your mobile device, at least without a lot of pinching, squeezing, squinting, and expanding. In some cases, mobile-specific websites could differ dramatically from their desktop or tablet-version counterparts. Now, thanks to responsive web design (RWD) technology, our website can flow seamlessly, providing optimal reading, navigation, and interaction between all of your devices - mobile and otherwise.

RWD technology will allow more and more people to bring their favorite websites like with them anywhere, delivering an easy, clear, interactive experience. And maybe we'll see you (or at least you'll see us) this summer at the beach, the ballgame, or anywhere else you might be.