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Steve Weil and Family

"Steve is the epitome of the word mensch. He has demonstrated this by his many years of selfless devotion to JF&CS, his unwavering commitment to our mission, and the inordinate amount of time and talent he has contributed to the agency," said Janet Segal, Director of Bet Tzedek Legal Services.

Steven Weil was awarded this year's Betsy Gross President's Award in his 22nd year of collaboration with JF&CS. He began his long history with the agency when he started volunteering in 1997. In 2007, Steve was awarded the Simone Lottor award in recognition of his exceptional volunteer service. Today, Steve is the Vice President of the JF&CS Board of Directors, as well as the chair of the CEO Search Committee.

Meredith Joy, Director of Community Services, described Steve as the kind of person who would always ask, "What can I do to help," and continue to follow through on his question by helping in any way he could. As an attorney, his advice and counsel are essential to the Bet Tzedek Legal Services program, and he never steps away from the opportunity to take on a project. Steve has not only given his wisdom to JF&CS but has also provided his time and pro-bono services to aid others through his legal representation.

Jamie Grossman and Steve WeilSteve also participates in an array of programs and events to benefit those around him. Steve can frequently be found bringing his family along to Family Table South distributions, where he and his sons pack and deliver groceries for those who lack transportation. Steve is also a yearly participant in the Ride For Food, where he cycles to raise money for the Family Table program.

Steve's selfless devotion to helping others and expecting nothing in return has led to the honor of receiving the President's award and contributed greatly to his success as a board member for JF&CS.

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