The JF&CS Parkinson's Community Quilt
Written by: Marcia Spraker-Cavallo

uareVin is a naturally kind, loving, and patient person. He has had several "lives', as we refer to them, and enters each new life-journey with a remarkable sense of acceptance, determination, and joy. Thus, I was not surprised to find that he would use these same traits to accept his new 'life' with Parkinson's disease. As a talented musician he even sings "P(I)D Man" and "Carbadopa-Levadopa" refrains that places humor and song into our relationship with this disease.

Our quilt piece is simple and colorful which is clearly Vin's style. It is filled with the strong love and constant support of myself, his three siblings, two stepchildren, and two cats - all attached to Vin by our hearts. Having served one of his 'lives' as an active Roman Catholic priest it also demonstrates the constant inclusion of strong spirituality that is part of Vin's world by the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit over his journey.

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The JF&CS Parkinson's Community Quilt is an initiative of the JF&CS Parkinson's Family Support program.