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Lora Tarlin with Jeff Cotton

This year's Lottor award was presented to Jeff Cotton, who exemplifies the values and qualities that Simone Lottor's family wanted to showcase when they created the award in 2001. The idea behind the award was to leave a lasting memory of Simone Lottor and her exceptional volunteer work with JF&CS. Jeff's dedication to the community made him stand out as a worthy recipient who deserved to be recognized.

Over the past five years, Jeff has been a volunteer with JF&CS Schechter Holocaust Services. He dedicates his time to help with various aspects of the program, from tasks around the office to helping clients get to and from appointments.

Jeff takes pride in writing birthday cards to Holocaust survivors. When Jeff had surgery this past year, he was so concerned that the cards would not get written without his help, that he requested them to be dropped off at his house while he recovered. Even when he had to take a month off for surgery, his passion for bettering the community never took a break. Lottor Award 2019

Two years ago, Jeff participated in Ride for the Living in Poland, where people pledged money in support of Jeff riding over sixty miles from Aushwitz to the Jewish Community Center of Krakow. Jeff is also a yearly participant on the JF&CS Ride for Food team, a cycling fundraiser organized by Three Squares New England.

Jeff's commitment to his community and his willingness to go above and beyond has earned him the honor of receiving the Lottor award in recognition of his exceptional service.

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