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“I really love seeing the difference you can make when you get involved,” shared Robert Cashman. The sentiment is one also held by Robert’s wife Shari, and their two daughters, Alyssa and Haley. The Cashmans give back in not just time and money, but also as they look ahead. This commitment to the future has been made clear with their planned gift to JF&CS.

Shari and Robert recently included JF&CS as a beneficiary to their estate and are proud to join the Tree of Life Society. By making this planned gift to Jewish Family & Children’s Service, the Cashmans are ensuring that the legacy of JF&CS and their personal giving continues beyond their lifetime. “We’re looking to the future; even if we’re not here, a planned gift guarantees that the programs we support can continue,” said Shari.

Planned giving ensures that one’s tradition of caring and giving is carried on – no matter what might happen in the world. For the Cashmans, this means supporting the wide spectrum of programs offered through JF&CS. “It is very important to us that Jewish people in need have an agency that they can reach out to; supporting JF&CS feels like it’s a perfect fit for us as a family,” said Shari.

Shari and Robert hope others will follow their lead and also prioritize planned giving as a way to support the longevity of JF&CS. Recent studies show that while Americans give regularly and generously to nonprofits, less than 10% of the population considers planned giving.

“We hope that people hear that we’ve stepped up to the planned giving program and that others do the same. The more people that do this now, the better for the future,” shared Robert. “It was important for us to make those decisions for our family upfront, and to make it easier for future generations to benefit from the wide range of services and programs offered by JF&CS.”

The Cashmans’ support of the future makes sense; they are long-time members of the JF&CS family. They first became involved with JF&CS when Jewish Family Services of the North Shore merged with Jewish Family & Children’s Service in 2011. Robert served as president of Jewish Family Services and remained a member of the JF&CS board after the merger as well as an active participant and donor. Shari has been a long-time volunteer at Cafe Hakalah North Shore, a monthly gathering in Marblehead for Holocaust survivors.

Chairing the 2018 JF&CS Benefit is the latest in the long line of contributions the Cashmans have made to JF&CS. “The Benefit is a great evening; not only were we there to raise money, but it was also a chance to recognize the volunteers, to celebrate JF&CS and the employees, and to thank the community for their hard work.”

If you would like to learn more about the Tree of Life Society, contact Jill Snider at or 508-208-2341.