Shared by Tamar Jacobson

Tamar JacobsonHow did you get involved with JF&CS Family Table?
I worked as the Volunteer and Food Coordinator a couple of years ago at JF&CS Family Table. I enjoyed working there so much because it feels so good to watch your efforts directly benefiting other people. It was also a pleasure to meet hundreds of volunteers who care about their community and became part of the JF&CS family through their regular volunteer work.

Why did you decide to participate in the Ride for Food?
I decided to participate in the Ride for Food because it's another way that I can support JF&CS Family Table even if I am not able to help at a food distribution or donate food. I think participating in this event will help me spread the word about this important cause. It's also a great excuse for me to visit friends, be active, and get outside.

What's your favorite JF&CS Family Table memory?
I have many great memories from my time working at JF&CS Family Table. I especially loved helping recipients through their first time shopping at the Family Table Marketplace food distribution. When recipients realized that they could actually choose what they'd like and that they could bring home fresh produce, dairy products, and more, they were sometimes overcome with emotion. In those moments I realized how much I take for granted and helping at JF&CS Family Table helped me appreciate what I have. Also, every time a truck from a farm or a bakery would pull up with boxes and boxes of fresh donated fruits and vegetables or whole grain breads, I was overjoyed knowing that I could bring these nourishing foods to the people who need it most.

What are you doing now?
Since working at JF&CS Family Table, I worked for two years as the Director of Volunteers at Westchester Jewish Community Services. I was recently married and moved to the Syracuse area. I am currently volunteering at Meals on Wheels, Syracuse Jewish Family Services, and job searching. I am enjoying all the festivals and outdoor activities central New York has to offer before it snows!

What else do you do for exercise?
I love to walk almost every day by Onondaga Lake. I also kayak, Israeli dance, and do zumba classes.

To learn more about Family Table and the Ride for Food, contact Bernice Behar at or 781-643-5649.