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Warm up at the Parkinson's Foundation Moving Day.

On October 5, 2019, hundreds of people took over Artesani Park in Boston for the annual Moving Day fundraiser for the Parkinson’s Foundation. This inspiring and fun event raised over $156,000, which will be used to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease and advance research for a cure.

JF&CS was well represented at Moving Day Boston. Anne Muskopf, the Director of our Charlotte & Richard Okonow Parkinson’s Family Support program, served on the Event Committee, along with her predecessor at JF&CS, Nancy Mazonson. Anne and Nancy were also joined by Art Sullivan, the instructor of the JF&CS Parkinson’s Dance group, and a handful of participants from our Parkinson’s program.

“The Parkinson’s Foundation has been a great partner for JF&CS,” said Anne Muskopf. “So, we were excited that so many people in the JF&CS family were able to participate in Moving Day.”

A Starring Role for Art Sullivan

Art Sullivan leading the warm up routine at Moving Day with mascots.As an expert in therapeutic movement and dance, Art Sullivan was the perfect choice to lead the official warm-up at Moving Day. Before the big fundraising walk, which is the centerpiece of the event, Art guided participants in a series of stretches and warm-up exercises. Even Slyde the Fox, the mascot for the New England Revolution, and Blades the Bruin, the mascot for the Boston Bruins, followed along with Art’s routine!

“Leading the kick-off routine was a great honor,” said Art. “To see all the people moving, stretching their limbs, and arching their arms in unison across the sky was a beautiful vision to behold. The participants in the walk are the real inspiration – they push me to create ever more bold routines to get them moving. They keep me motivated to be a better instructor every day.”

After the pre-walk warm-up, Art led dance classes at the event’s Movement Pavilion, which also hosted yoga, Pilates, and tai chi.

Recognizing Nancy Mazonson

Nancy Mazonson has been involved with Moving Day Boston since its inception and was given special recognition for her six years of service at the event. From the stage, a representative from the Parkinson’s Foundation praised Nancy as “an asset to our community.” During her time at JF&CS, Nancy helped launch and grow the Tremble Clefs chorus, Parkinson’s Dance, and the Adult Child, Women’s, and Care Partner support groups.

“Since JF&CS became involved in offering programming to the Parkinson’s community, there has been a growing recognition of the role that support programming can play in improving the lives of families living with PD,” said Nancy. “I was very proud to be recognized for championing this work, which has now become a mainstream component of good PD care.”

In addition to helping plan the event, Nancy also led a team that participated in the Moving Day fundraising walk. Together, the team raised over $600 to support the Parkinson’s Foundation’s initiatives.

“Moving Day is a great celebration of the tenacity of the PD community,” said Nancy. “I look forward to participating in the years to come.”

To learn more about our resources for people living with Parkinson’s disease, visit our Charlotte & Richard Okonow Parkinson's Family Support program page.