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Jack and Sandy Swartz, JF&CS donors and volunteers.

After being involved with JF&CS as volunteers, board members, and donors for the past 25 years, Jack and Sandy Swartz's membership in the Tree of Life Society is, according to Jack, "an obvious choice."

With a long-time commitment to the values of JF&CS, being a member of the Tree of Life Society means they can rest easy knowing their support of JF&CS can and will continue for future generations. "It's a chance to do something meaningful," shared Jack.

Leaving a Legacy

The JF&CS Tree of Life Society was established to assist individuals and families who have included JF&CS in their estate plans through a bequest, retirement plan, life insurance policy, life-income arrangement, or other legacy gift. The future of JF&CS is ensured through these important commitments.

"The motivation behind designating our funds to JF&CS is because it's such a long-lasting organization," said Sandy. "We've seen and experienced all the good that the agency does. We've watched it grow and it's just remarkable how many people they've touched."

Contributing to JF&CS at Every Level

Sandy and Jack first became involved with JF&CS through Friendly Visitors, a program that matched Sandy with an elderly individual in need of support. Sandy's time volunteering grew from companionship, as her volunteer match became a part of their family. "It was a tremendous experience for me; our relationship really shaped who I am today," shared Sandy.

Sandy and Jack also volunteered at Family Table, the JF&CS food pantry, alongside their son, Tyler. "Instead of just depositing food in bags someplace, we would, as a family, distribute the food," said Sandy. "It was really an eye-opening experience as well as an important family project."

Jack is a current board member on the IT, Finance, and Department of Evaluation and Learning committees. Serving on these committees has helped Jack learn more about the many programs at JF&CS and offered the family a deeper appreciation for the breadth and variety of support JF&CS offers the community.

Jack and Sandy are both committed to preserving the Jewish identity of Boston, a value they live through their support of not just JF&CS, but also organizations such as The Vilna Shul. Commenting on the family's support of JF&CS, Jack stated, "It's just who we are."

For further information on the Tree of Life Society, please contact Elizabeth Cahn, Senior Philanthropic Advisor, at or 978-884-0653.