Posted by Ira Schor

hip x-rayTalk about bittersweet! I viewed turning sixty as both a gift and a mathematical misunderstanding. How could I be turning sixty?! It was a huge disconnect with all other aspects of my identity. So, you can imagine how I took the news that I would need a total hip replacement.

I attended a pre-surgery information session at the hospital and was shocked to discover that I was by far the oldest patient among the five of us in the class. It was there that I was informed about what to expect during and post-surgery. And it was at that moment that I decided: it was Jewish Family & Children's Service (JF&CS) Visiting Nurse Association for me. What better blessing than to be able to use my own organization's services; services I knew to be excellent, staff I trusted, care I knew would be skilled and compassionate.

The immediate post-op period was challenging; I think more so than I expected. The care I received from JF&CS exceeded my expectations. It enabled my wife to return to work quickly and put me on the right path to recovery. Now, ten months later, I see clearly the critical value of those early nursing and physical therapy visits; of the skilled intervention, guidance, and encouragement I received. I am a proud member of the JF&CS ‘hip club for men.'

Ira SchorIra Schor, now in his twenty-first year with JF&CS, is currently the Senior VP of Operations. A licensed clinical social worker, Ira earned his MSW from Syracuse University. Prior to JF&CS, he was the Director of out-patient and emergency services at a community mental health center. When not at work, Ira enjoys reading history and non-fiction, travel, and outdoor activities.