Posted by Ira Schor

interconnectedness"I've been married seven times…," quipped the renowned family therapist at a lecture I attended years ago. Only after the audience had caught its breath did he add " the same woman." His point was that we can, and do, rediscover and reinvent our marriage, to the same person, many times throughout its course.

The same, I've found, is possible with one's career. People often ask me why and how I have stayed at Jewish Family & Children's Service (JF&CS) these past twenty-one years. "It's the mission and the culture," I am quick to respond; "I love the work we do and the people who work here." All very true.

However, given the chance, I will elaborate and explain that I have had the good fortune to change my role at JF&CS multiple times. Site director, cluster director, operations director - each has given me the opportunity to grow, to contribute, and to express myself professionally. So too, of course, has JF&CS grown and changed. And as in any good marriage, it is core values and mutual respect that has kept us together for so long.

Ira Schor, now in his twenty-first year with JF&CS, is currently the Senior VP of Operations. A licensed clinical social worker, Ira earned his MSW from Syracuse University. Prior to JF&CS, he was the Director of out-patient and emergency services at a community mental health center. When not at work, Ira enjoys reading history and non-fiction, travel, and outdoor activities.