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As anyone who has been through the process can tell you, building your family through adoption takes a lot of preparation. Most people are aware of home studies, in which pre-adoptive parents undergo a series of assessment meetings with a social worker. Another, less-well-known part of the overall adoption process centers on education. A recent change in Massachusetts law requires that prospective adoptive parents complete 10 hours of education before they are eligible to receive placement of a child.

JF&CS Adoption Resources offers a variety of workshops throughout the year to educate pre-adoptive parents. This month, we will be hosting a highly relevant workshop entitled Evaluating Medical Risk in Domestic Infant Adoption.

About the Speaker

Our speaker, developmental-behavioral pediatric specialist Lisa Prock, is the Chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Adoption and Foster Care. Her clinical specialization focuses on issues unique to adoption, such as understanding biological health history and prenatal experiences. Dr. Prock has led this workshop for Adoption Resources for many years, and the feedback from pre-adoptive parents has always been very positive.

In past years, clients have sometimes asked how this workshop differs from information their pediatrician will provide. While consulting with a pediatrician is ideal for day-to-day issues that may arise (such as illness, ear infections, and sleeping concerns), when it comes to evaluating medical risk in adoption, it is best to hear from a practitioner who specializes in this field.

Dr. Prock's medical practice follows the latest trends and data regarding children being placed for adoption. It is critical that pre-adoptive parents understand the research around issues such as prenatal exposure and biological concerns, so they can make informed decisions.

Workshop Details

Evaluating Medical Risk in Domestic Infant Adoption will take place on March 28, 2019 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at JF&CS Headquarters, 1430 Main Street, Waltham, MA. The workshop is open to the entire community and is intended for pre-adoptive parents, who will receive a certificate for two hours of pre-adoption training.

Registration is $20 per person, cash or check only. To RSVP, please contact Neile Gordon, LCSW at or 617-332-2218.

Deb Shrier, the Associate Director of JF&CS Adoption Resources.Deb Shrier, LICSW, is Associate Director of JF&CS Adoption Resources. Actively involved in the field of adoption both professionally and personally for over 25 years, Deb's clinical interests include domestic/international adoption, transracial adoption, parenting issues, and search/reunion with birth parents and adopted persons. She has also provided clinical support to adoptive families on birth country tours that include the Philippines, Romania, Guatemala, and Russia. Deb enjoys writing and has contributed to various adoption-related publications as well as the JF&CS blog.