What does Debby Stein Sharpe like about giving through her Donor Advised Fund? In short, everything. "I love my donor advised," Debby shared. "It makes my life so much easier."

It's a good thing that Debby's Donor Advised Fund simplifies giving, as she and her family donate often! Tzedakah, or the importance of charity, stands at the center of her Judaism. During a recent service her rabbi spoke about what it means to "give until it hurts," and Debby had to smile. She knew exactly what he meant: giving is a priority for the Stein Sharpe family.

The value of tzedakah is one that she learned from her parents; even with limited resources, they gave with their time and their money. It's also a value that Debby is reminded of with her involvement at Temple Beth David of the South Shore in Canton, Massachusetts. Debby spent ten years teaching preschool at Temple Beth David, and each week began class by speaking about the importance of giving back.

Giving is also something that Debby hopes to pass along to her own children. While her three children are adults now, Debby first learned of JF&CS when her kids were young. Temple Beth David of the South Shore joined JF&CS in sponsoring drivers for JF&CS Family Table, New England's largest kosher food pantry. Debby and her children were looking for a service project that the family could engage in together, and Family Table was the perfect fit. Together they helped pack and deliver food throughout the community. Assisting around hunger remains an important part of Debby's giving.

Debby's Donor Advised Fund keeps her giving by simplifying and streamlining the process. "Back in the day, before the fund, I had to write checks to everybody, which was really cumbersome," shared Debby. "With my Donor Advised Fund, it's just a few clicks of the mouse and the money can go where I want it to go. It makes it easy to manage my charitable budget."Debby also pointed out that her Donor Advised Fund helps her track her tax deductions, and, because it's so tax efficient, she's able to give even more.

"There is hunger in our community and there is hunger in the greater community," Debby told us. "JF&CS does good work and I'm glad to support the program through my Donor Advised Fund."