Posted by Samantha Bullock

CHAi Works AwardOn April 10, JF&CS CHAI Works was recognized at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital (NWH) Volunteer Recognition Dinner for all of the hard work CHAI Works participants have done at the hospital over the past year. The CHAI Works program was awarded the Outstanding Group Volunteer Award, which hasn't been given out since 2006. This year more than 21 CHAI Works volunteers have assisted NWH in putting together more than 8,000 maternity and postpartum packets as well as adult GI packets and various mailings for different departments throughout the hospital. In addition, there is a CHAI Works participant who volunteers in food service and another who restocks the flu booklets around the hospital and collects and recycles the hospital's batteries each week.

The relationship between NWH and CHAI Works began in 2005 and has flourished to what it is today, with CHAI Works volunteer groups enthusiastically volunteering three days a week and taking ownership of the projects they complete. NWH greatly appreciates the CHAI Works participants' work, stating "We simply could not provide this service without their presence and hard work!"

At the Volunteer Recognition Dinner, NWH also took time to acknowledge the amazing JF&CS staff who accompany the CHAI Works volunteers each day. "Their dedication, care, and patience are enviable." We are grateful for their innovation, motivation, and flexibility!"

The evening consisted of an awards ceremony followed by a dinner complete with live music and appreciation gifts. It was a great evening for the CHAI Works volunteers, staff, and their families to celebrate the success they have had over the past year!

Samantha BullockSamantha Bullock joined the CHAI Works team in November 2013 as the CHAI Works Program Manager. Samantha is currently working towards her Master's in Special Education and Behavior Analysis at Arcadia University and will be graduating in 2014. Samantha has been in the field of developmental disabilities for almost 10 years and has worked in a variety of settings including residential and classroom environments.