Posted by JF&CS.

Sammi Robertson

JF&CS is excited to recognize Sammi Robertson as one of our 2019 CHAI Champions. Sammi is the President of Baily’s Team for Autism, a nonprofit named after her son.

Bailey’s Team raises essential funds that go to helping individuals with autism and their families. Sammi founded Bailey’s Team in 2008 to help fund research, education, and programming for those on the autism spectrum. Since the creation of Bailey’s Team, it has raised over half a million dollars and made the positive impact Sammi had hoped for.

One of the projects Bailey’s Team supports is a training class for first responders called Autism Law Enforcement Education Coalition. This provides public safety and law enforcement personnel the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the autism spectrum and provides the knowledge they need in order to assess a situation.

Sammi has made a tremendous impact on this community through her efforts to support and raise awareness of individuals with autism. “My son inspires me every day and I’m grateful to the people who work in this field. The work we do is so rewarding. We certainly don’t do it for the recognition, but being recognized helps our cause and inspires others,” said Sammi.

To learn more about the CHAI Champions event, visit our event page.