Posted by Harvey Greenberg

It was recently announced to the board and staff of JF&CS that Sy Friedland, who has led the agency for the last 17 years, will be retiring at the end of September 2011.

Sy has made phenomenal contributions to the growth and development of JF&CS and the agency's ability to serve our client populations. Through his tireless efforts building the capabilities of the agency, Sy has grown the size of our budget from $6.4 million to $25 million, while at the same time enhancing the JF&CS reputation for the breadth and quality of its services and programs. Sy's success is grounded not only in his commitment to the work of the agency, but is a result of his intelligence, creativity, and warm, engaging personality.

Sy described his own feelings in his message to the JF&CS staff:

"This has been the most fulfilling job of my professional career. JF&CS is such a wonderful organization and many different emotions come with this decision. But, there does come a point when it is important to move on to the next phase of life and other interests. That will probably include consultation work, perfecting my recipe for blintzes, and taking many photographs."

I am delighted that Rimma Zelfand, our current Senior Vice President of Programs, has accepted the Board of Director's offer to succeed Sy as CEO when he retires next year. In 2003 Rimma became a member of the JF&CS Board and the Strategic Planning Committee, and then in 2004 joined JF&CS as Director of Senior Services. Rimma came to her role with 15 years of a very successful track record in leading and managing home care, home health, disease management, and elder care programs.

In 2008 she was promoted to Senior Vice President of Programs. Since that time she has championed a culture of "One JF&CS," integrating ideas, goals, and systems across the agency and establishing cross cluster services and cross agency leadership teams. Rimma's experience, commitment, and accomplishments are solid grounding for her assuming the leadership of the agency next fall.

Sy, Rimma, the board, and staff are all committed to a smooth transition. I am excited about what the future holds for JF&CS.

Harvey Greenberg is the president of the JF&CS Board of Directors.