Posted by Ira Schor

As I approach my 25th anniversary with JF&CS, I am moved to write a few words about my experience.

I cannot number, much less name the thousands of professionals who have worked here over this quarter century. Nor do I choose to single out from among the countless good works any special moments to mention. What I can say is this: that I am proud beyond measure of my colleagues, that I am inspired by their dedication to their clients and to their work; that I am privileged to be in their company. These are remarkable individuals; remarkable in that they show up every day and express, by their words and deeds, that compassion, concern, competence, and connection can make a tremendous difference.

Ira & balloonsIn a world in which suffering abounds and life's challenges persist, I have had the great good fortune to be surrounded by colleagues whose determination and heart create hope and possibility.

Ira Schor, LICSW, has been on the staff of JF&CS for 25 years. As the Senior VP of Operations, Ira is responsible for the agency's compliance and risk management, emergency preparedness, staff development, and facilities management. A licensed clinical social worker, Ira earned his MSW from Syracuse University. Prior to JF&CS, he was the director of out-patient and emergency services at a community mental health center in central Massachusetts. When not at work, Ira enjoys reading history and non-fiction, travel, and outdoor activities.